A doctor showing a clipboard to a woman

What to Consider When Selecting a Primary Care Provider

Primary care is a key component of your health and wellness. Our team delivers essential preventive care that can help you stay healthy by screening for and treating conditions early before they become a bigger problem. By working with you over time and knowing your personal health history, your primary care provider (PCP) will be able to improve the quality of your care experience.

With more than 1,000 primary care providers across the Puget Sound region and Spokane, the UW Medicine Accountable Care Network makes it easy to select the PCP who is best for you and your family.

When choosing a provider, consider your own needs and preferences, such as any medical conditions that may require a professional with specialized training. Recommendations from family members, friends and co-workers who have already received primary care in the UW Medicine Accountable Care Network can also be helpful.

"Several studies have shown that people who have a primary care relationship receive higher-quality, lower cost medical care and have a better experience with getting care. A primary care provider can help you filter confusing and sometimes conflicting information on what is best for you, based on knowing your medical history and understanding your health care goals."

Shawn West, MD, Chief Executive Officer, Embright

If you need assistance finding a primary care provider, please contact the UW Medicine Accountable Care Network Contact Center at 888.402.4238 or contact us online